The project "Salut&Sport-S2: research and development of a mobile training platform to improve health in sports through the use of textile sporting pieces with monitoring systems of physiological parameters" has been designed and configured by companies of the textile sector and the world of sports, with the support of the Catalan Fashion Textile Cluster (ACTM), the Catalan Cluster of Sports (INDESCAT) and the High Performance Sports Centre in Sant Cugat (CAR). Secartys (Spanish Association for the Internationalization of Electronics, Computing and Telecommunications), a Barcelona-based association which is a member of one of the applicants of the project, also participated in its configuration.

For the enforcement of this project, a team has been set up by a consortium agreement. The purpose of this group is to have and reach all areas needed in the project, so that all the companies that are part close the value chain and always have the support and technical assistance from a technology center as Fitex, a Tecnio member. Therefore, we wanted to have at all times the value chain and manufacturing, participating very actively in the project and making that each one of the companies achieve to research and experiment the tasks that are defined for each oneby means of their technicians and engineers.

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Aretex, SA�is a company founded in 1898 in Arenys de Mar, a few kilometers from the city of Barcelona. It belongs to the Corporación Empresarial Valls SL, importing Spanish holding with several companies in the textile and graphic arts sectors. Aretex SA has a production plant of 10,000 m2, a logistics warehouse of 4,500 m2 and a fixed structure of 210 people.

In its beginnings, it was engaged in the manufacture and sale of socks and tights. In recent years, it has introduced new product lines always focused on the newborn and until 14 years old, with the intention of being not only a leader in the hosiery sector, but a brand specializing in child clothing and knitwear.

The knowledge of the textile sector in all its phases, thanks to the more than 100 years of existence and, in particular, to provide important facilities with over 10,000 m2 in Arenys de Mar with major manufacturing equipment will help lead the project and provide specific sporting pieces to wear and monitor together with the support of Fitex.

Rial de Sa Clavella, 89
08350 Arenys de Mar (Barcelona)

Tel: +34 93 795 99 80

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ESTAMPUNT SL started business in 1962 as a company dedicated to the textile printing for third parties. Throughout these 40 years, the company has held several industrial premises, up to its current facilities in the Industrial Park of Cabrera de Mar. These facilities occupy a floor space of 12,000 m2, of which two thirds are allocated to actual industrial plants, while the rest is occupied by auxiliary equipment such as boilers, molds store, fixtures and services.

Since the beginning, the company has invested heavily in the renewal of its basic printing machinery, auxiliary design equipment and cleaning of molds, so that currently it has excellent tools for the development of its activities. Within this line, ESTAMPUNT performed intensive research efforts to improve its production process, as it is the subject of this study project. Estampunt, as a sector company of textile finishing and printing with great knowledge in printing dyes by stamping and screen printing, along with Fitex, has the key task in the project for the proper printing of conductive inks that will allow obtaining the appropriate sensoring parameters.

Pol. Industrial Cabrera
08349 Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona)

Tel: +34 93 759 09 34

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IDNEO is a company specializing in engineering, research and development of new products for a wide range of sectors.

This new company is the result of an industrial restructuring plan of the former Sony plant in Viladecavalls, Barcelona. Two large Catalan groups, Ficosa and Comsa Emte, participate as an alliance of companies at 50%, betting on a project with great potential to contribute to increased productivity and competitiveness in the field of innovation and technology in Catalonia. The result of the combination of the capabilities of one of the first industrial Catalan groups and the first company of Services and Engineering is IDNEO. Ficosa, owned by the Pujol and Tarragó families, is the only industrial Catalan group that can absorb the industrial dimension of this manufacturing plant. Comsa Emte is the largest Catalan group of Services and Engineering which belongs to the Miarnau and Sumarroca families and reinforces the growth of this project.

IDNEOjoins the industrial and engineering capabilities of Ficosa and Comsa Emte and know-how in the Japanese multinational electronics in facilities leading R & D and product approval. Their participation is key to the development of the different components that make up the different sensors that will allow us to monitor the athletes. One of the key factors is the ability of industrialization and manufacturing once the project would be finished, so that the "time to market" could be reduced to obtain a faster return on the investment done by all the companies.

Pol. Ind Can Mitjans
08232 Viladecavalls (Barcelona)

Tel: +34 93 700 85 49

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Costaisa Group, is an international corporate group specialized in health since 1968 and offers business consultancy and IT services. We have around 450 highly qualified professionals (engineers, doctors, equipment experts, health institution managers, maintenance specialists, etc.) and have vast experience with national and international projects.

COSTAISA Group offers global solutions in the health sector developing different services and products, from consultancy services for health sector modernization and reformation processes, turnkey health service provider construction projects and defining accreditation and quality models, through to equipment investment advice.

In the telemedicine scenario, we offer the Phemium platform to provide the necessary technology to implement quickly and affordable customised telemedicine scenarios ("patient-professional" and "professional-professional"), such as teleconsultation, telediagnose, telerehabilitation or telecare.

Pau Alcover, 33

08017 Barcelona

Tel: +34 93 253 61 00

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FITEX is a private non-profit organization that aims to foster the innovation process of the textile industry in a broad sense: product, process, management, knowledge and commercial strategy of the textile companies.

FITEXstructures innovation processes by means of service areas for businesses: training, research and development projects, dissemination of new techniques and technology and business services.

At a technological level, FITEXhas over 10 years working in the field of a new science called "textronics", an intersection between traditional electronics (rigid), the promising new flexible electronics (or "Printed Electronics") together with the traditional textile.

In the last five years, it has been gaining experience in a new line of research, nanotechnology, with R & D projects involving the integration of micro and nano-encapsulation in extrusion processes for the manufacture of wire and in finishing processes for the generation of smart fabrics.

Av. Mestre Muntaner, 86
08700 Igualada (Barcelona)

Tel: +34 93 803 57 62