The project S2-Salut&Sport has two lines of basic research:

  • R & D in sensors in sports textile.
  • R & D in mobile app.

These lines of research require knowledge in various disciplines at the same time:

CLOTHING:The members of the consortium must be able to develop textiles that incorporate sensoring capability of vital signs using Textronics, with elements such as wires and conductive inks.

HW:The members of the consortium must be able to integrate the associated electronics to textiles that are of small size and low power consumption, so that they do not require a large battery which would make garments and sensors unable to be carried by users.

SW:The members of the consortium must be able to develop an application that is totally user friendly, so that users can quickly and effectively incorporate it in daily use. Otherwise, nor the garments or the application will be used.

SPORT-HEALTH: The members of the consortium must be able to develop a training program along with the help of CAR Sant Cugat that can be connected and parameterized in terms of the data that the monitoring of the vital signs will provide to enforce the improvement of sport and health.

The mobile platform is intended to be an application that can be downloaded within the app's market (Android Market and / or Apple iTunes), the leading mobile application platforms, so that it is easily accessible to users of sportswear.

The specific objectives set by the consortium members are:

1. Development of textile garments with integrated sensors:

The general idea of ​​the consortium members is to share knowledge about the various different industries involved in the project (Sports, Clothing, Electronics and Mobile Applications-App's-) in order to make some initial developments that will parameterize and monitor users effectively.


These parameters are intended to provide information to the training system so that it can adjust the intensity of training and the athlete status in real time, and the sport becomes healthier and more effective.

Signals from different biosensors will be stored in a concentrator which will have a communication module and will incorporate a battery that will feed all the sensors.

2. Development of a mobile training platform:

The most important part of the project consists precisely in the development of the training platform. In several meetings with sports professionals, the tests that are made to athletes to determine their health status with all kinds of medical devices (Holters ECG, stress testing, spirometers, echocardiograms, etc.) have already been shown to us. Sports professionals have confessed their concern and the need that exists in the field of sports of ​​high performance to find a solution for the monitoring of physiological parameters to be "portable" and to predict with some early advance sudden death of athletes. The mobile platform S2-Salut&Sport is to be introduced in this direction. The intention of the members of the consortium is to have utility for both elite athletes or professionals, as well as for amateur athletes and / or occasional since the last type of athletes can also have a risk of cardiovascular disease and they are likely to want to control their health condition and improvement, making use of the monitoring system S2, as they currently do with heart rate monitors that are sold in the market.

Today, various sensor types of heart rate monitors or pedaling cadence (specific to the sport of cycling) that can be connected to mobile devices are already available in the market. In our case, we want to promote this possibility so that the mobile phone, with measurements of vital signs and parameters marked by HEALTH-SPORT industry professionals, could act as a coach and could appropriately monitor to control and improve sports.

In the project S2-Salut&Sportthere is place for industries and sectors such as Sports Medicine, Textile Industry, Sports Sector, ICT Industry and Electronics.